"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friendly Reminders

We are nearing the end of the second week of the semester now and I believe that you have had more than enough time to get your programs back on track (for those of you who have already started, that is). A couple of reminders to help you get on your way:

  • All Juniors should be done with their first interview. This means that we should have had a meeting about the activities you plan to take part in for the year. If you have not done this yet, you must see me ASAP. 
    • Set up an appointment using the CAS calendar.
    • Download the CAS Planning form from this link and type in the necessary information. Then email me the form with your answers. (There is no need to print this form.) Forms must be sent in the day before our scheduled meeting, at the latest.
For everyone else already hard at work with their programs:
  • Remember to write a journal entry at least every month for your long term projects, and one journal entry every 2 or three weeks for projects of a shorter duration. (Post these journal entries on your blogs, or send them to me via email. If you are using a written journal, make sure to have your supervisor sign your entries.)
  • Within two weeks after your activity or project is finished, make sure to post your final reflection on your blog (or email it to cas@brentsubic.edu.ph... or write it in your notebook or diary). Check our CAS blog (Reflection page) for some guide questions. You can also refer to page 9 of your Student Handbook for CAS. 
  • Provide your supervisor with a copy of (or access to) your final reflection and a copy of the supervisor’s evaluation form that they are to answer for you. Make sure that you get this evaluation form to the coordinator. This completes the requirements for that particular project or activity.
Juniors, we will be having our second CAS interview beginning mid-February. By that time, we will check on your progress and see how close or how far you are from hitting the 8 learning outcomes of the program. Make sure to take the necessary steps to be prepared for this session.
Seniors, your final interviews will be scheduled for the latter half of March. Please use the time between now and that time to make sure that everything is in order with your programs.

For comments, concerns, suggestions, extra guidance, please come see me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Touching Base and Catching Up

Welcome back, guys! I hope you made the most of your vacation with your family and friends. Now it’s time to get back on track (well, at least for those who didn’t get to do any CAS work over the break).

I was very happy to receive a handful of proposals over the holidays, and even happier to hear about the work that some of your peers were doing while on vacation. Abbas and Akber were involved in a restoration project in Italy and I am looking forward to reading about their experiences and seeing the some of the photos they were able to take. Armand and William were actually involved in a medical mission with the Tzu Chi foundation even before we went on break last December. Cindy, together with a couple of other Juniors (Kevin and Solina, if I’m not mistaken) took riding classes at El Kabayo just a few weeks back. I know of a couple of seniors who were supposed to have done some CAS work as well, and I will let you know about their accomplishments soon. (I am waiting to hear from them first.)

This is all good news for those who were able to stay productive during the break. One reminder for these busy bees: please update your blogs with your journal entries. If your activity has concluded, then you have two weeks from the date of completion to write and post your final reflection. Then, we need to get the evaluation from your supervisor. Once these necessary steps are done, then we can update the status of your project from Finished to Complete.

We do have some ongoing projects that might be of interest to those of you who haven’t really gotten their feet wet in CAS. The outreach work with POCCH (Philippine Outreach Center Children’s Home) had a successful first visit last December and we’re looking forward to more regular encounters with the children this semester. Production is coming up, and so is the ISAC tournament. And of course, 2nd semester clubs are starting in two weeks as well. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these activities, or, if you have questions about what’s involved, then drop by the CAS office (or email me!).

Stay tuned for more updates and possible service activities.

Let’s welcome 2011 with positive expectations. Go Razorbacks!