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Activity Proposals

Every CAS project or activity starts out by writing a proposal. This shows thoughtful consideration and awareness of what the activity is and what you hope to learn from it. It is important to remember that all CAS activities MUST:
  1. Be real & purposeful, with significant outcomes;
  2. Pose a challenge -- tasks must extend the student yet be achievable in scope;
  3. Involve planning, review of progress, & reporting;
  4. Engage the student in reflection on outcomes and personal learning.
ALL FOUR criteria must be satisfied for an activity to be considered CAS-worthy. In addition, all activities must have an adult supervisor.

Use the following procedure to guide you:
  1. Fill out this online CAS Activitity Proposal form to get started.
  2. After you click on the "Submit" button, you will receive an email (via your brentsubic.edu.ph account) with a summary of your responses. Forward this email to cas@brentsubic.edu.ph and wait for feedback or approval from the coordinator.
  3. Once your activity receives approval, post your proposal on your blog, then write your first journal entry ("Journal #1" - see this post for the guide questions.)

*Remember: Activities must receive approval BEFORE you begin your work.

Do not count the hours. 
Instead, show that your CAS experience was an ongoing and significant undertaking. 
Do not allow your experience to become "binge-CAS", where activities are crammed into mini-vacations, specifically engaging in last-minute activities that are not planned. 
All activities do not need to last 18 months. Some activities will be shorter than others, 
but CAS cannot be a series of short-term activities.
(-from the Robinson Secondary School CAS guide)

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  1. I can't open CAS Activity Proposal form..

  2. Make sure you sign into your Brent email account to access the Proposal form.