"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

Guidelines for Specific CAS Activities

Political Activity

The IB has no view on whether or not it is appropriate for students to be involved in political activities as part of their educational experience. Brent School Subic will allow political activity to count as part of CAS provided it meets the 4 criteria for a CAS activity and clearly relates to at least one of the 8 learning outcomes. In addition, you should consider the following:
  • Is the activity safe and secure, given the local circumstance?
  • Is it an activity that will cause, or worsen, social division?
  • Where are the learning opportunities for you?
It is important to realize that CAS involves learning. Carefully consider how the political activity provides an opportunity for you to learn. Any activity that is divisive in nature is not CAS. This is especially important to consider if you are planning to participate in protests as part of your CAS activity. Consultation with the CAS and IB coordinators is mandatory before engaging in activities of this nature.

Religious Activity

Some of the same concerns apply here as with political activity. For example, in some parts of the world religious observance is illegal in the school curriculum; in others it is compulsory.

It is recognized that this is a sensitive and difficult area. Nevertheless, the general rule is that religious devotion, and any activity that can be interpreted as proselytizing, does not count as CAS.

CAS activities should enlarge your experience, encourage you towards greater understanding of people from different social or cultural backgrounds, and include specific goals. By these criteria, work done by a religious group in the wider community, provided that the objectives are clearly secular (non-religious), may qualify as CAS. Another key issue is whether you, as a student, are able to make choices and use your initiative in these activities. If a religious activity addresses learning outcomes, those outcomes are the focus. The parts of the activity that involve serving the community are CAS. The parts of the activity that involve proselytizing (teaching the religion/catechism) are not CAS. 

Band / School Sports

Again, these activities must meet the four criteria and involve some of the 8 learning outcomes. Also, the activity cannot be part of the your IB program (you can't do both: get a grade that counts as part of your IB program and get CAS). Additionally, consult the creativity guidelines, specifically the part that notes that CAS cannot be merely "more of the same" - more practice, more concerts with the school band, and so on.

Example: You are a dedicated instrumental musician. How can this help you fulfill CAS learning outcomes? You could learn a particularly difficult piece, or a different style of playing, in order to perform for an audience. The context might be a fund-raising activity, or you might give a talk to younger children about the instrument, with musical illustrations. 

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