"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

Not CAS-Worthy

Any class, activity or project which is already part of the student’s Diploma Programme.

An activity for which a student is personally rewarded either financially of with some other benefit (unless this benefit is passed on in full to a worthy cause).

Doing simple, tedious and repetitive work, like returning school library books to the shelves.

Working in an elderly or children's home when the student:

  • Has no idea of how the home operates
  • Is just preparing food
  • Has no contact with the elderly or the children
A passive pursuit, such as a visit to a museum, theatre, art exhibition, concert or sports event, unless it clearly inspires work in a related activity in which a student is already engaged.

All forms of duty within the family.

Religious devotion and any activity which can be interpreted as proselytizing.

Work experience which only benefits the student.

Fund-raising with no clearly defined end in sight.

An activity where there is no leader or responsible adult on site to evaluate and confirm student performance.

Activities which causes division amongst different groups in the community.

Generally, CAS is not taking place when the student is in a passive rather then an active role.  There should be INTERACTION. If the student is passive, nothing of real value, either for the student or for other people, results from what the students is doing, and no real reflection is possible.  In such circumstances the student will be able to meet the objectives of CAS only to a very limited extent.

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